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  • Home Inspection
  • Mould Inspection
  • Infrared Thermal Imaging
  • Air Quality Testing
  • Mould Stain Removal (Attics)
  • Mould Detection Dog Services
  • Chemical Free Odour Removal
  • On the job training
  • Marketing material
  • Continuous support
  • Use of name "Licensed Home Inspector Inc" and logos
  • Inspection client contract
  • Web page with online booking
  • Vacation coverage

No other inspection company offers you more!

Why Licensed Home Inspector Inc?

Licensed Home Inspectors in Ontario.

You may have heard that licensing home inspectors in Ontario is coming shortly. The coined term for the home inspection industry will be "Licensed Home Inspector" as it is in Alberta and B.C. Our corporation "Licensed Home Inspector Inc" can only be used by our members that are licensed to perform inspections in Ontario.

As you can imagine once this is in place, clients and realtors will only recommend and search for a "Licensed Home Inspector"

Home Inspection

Your Home Inspection services will offer full inspection of the property, infrared thermal imaging, moisture detection, PDF report and visual mould inspection with every inspection.

All inspectors will join me on 5 to 10 inspections to observe the home inspection process and our standards to provide a through inspection and report writing.

Mould Detection Dog Services

When starting a business the biggest question you can ask yourself is "What makes me different from my competition?" Well, we found it......his name is Oliver. Over the years I found that one of the biggest concerns my clients have is whether or not there is mould in their new home. So, we bought a dog that can find it! At a cost of over $10,000USD we added this service to our company.

All of our inspectors will have access to this service, if you have a client that requires the dog, we will send Oliver and our handler to the inspection. You, as a franchise owner, can provide this service without incurring the expense of owning a mould detection dog.


 Mould Dog

Mould Stain Removal (Attics)

This service is a great indepentant add-on to your business. On average, 30 to 50% of the attics I inspect have mould in them. For many clients the presence of mould can be a deal breaker. I will show you all the tools you need, the product we use, and how to quote these jobs. Revenue for this business can surpass your home inspection business. Minimum charge is $400, then $1 to $2 per square foot. For example, one person can spray a 1,500 square foot attic in 2 hours. If you choose to provide this service you will also be added to our sister website. Please note; the home inspection is not to be used as a vehicle to obtain addditional revenue. Any inspectors that are proven to solicit clients during an inspection for this service will be removed from the franchise. This is to be used as an indepentant service.


Video of our Process in Real Time.


We provide you with on the Job Training.

Mould Air Quality Testing.

Whether it's a new home or an older home, the potential for mould in the home is always a possibility. Health risks can increase with the amount of mould spores in the air. The symptoms start out as flu-like symptoms that can later lead to long term health effects. Having the home tested for mould is a service you can provide. This can be added to your home inspection cost, includes full lab report, we will set you up with the lab and equipment.

Chemical Free Odour Removal

Selling a house or buying a new home that has a bad odour? Cooking odours, pet odours, smoking, can all turn people off from buying a home. Using ozone shock treatment can remove the odour. Plus it has been known to kill bacteria, salmonella, e coli, etc. This is a great service to offer your clients and realtors. Our equipment can treat 6,000 square feet. You as a franchise owner can buy your own equipment or rent ours. You will also be added to our website.

Please note; the home inspection is not to be used as a vehicle to obtain addditional revenue.

See how Ozone works in the Food Industry.

Infrared Thermal Imaging and Moisture Detection

The biggest complaint in the home inspection industry is "There is water in my basement and the home inspector didn't find it!" Most inspection companies charge extra for the use of an infrared camera and moisture detection tools. This service is included with all of your inspections. During your on the job training I will show you how to locate these issues.


Running your own business is hands down hard work. I have done it for years now and when I go on holidays I always worried about my business. It can make it hard to relax to be honest. As a independent one man operation there is nobody to cover your bookings and service your clients.

With our Franchise platform neighboring franchisees can service your clients, they are trained to do it! We will change your on-line booking schedule to the franchise team member of your choice. They cover you, you cover them, it's that simple. We will handle everything from our end. Enjoy your vacations!


In summary, I currently inspect over 400 homes a year plus provide my clients and realtors with all the services listed above. For the right person, this business platform will quickly excel your business to a level that you can enjoy the freedom of being your own boss and give those around you the opportunity to follow their dreams.

I am testimony to the effectiveness of this business platform. In 2010 I started my home inspection business on a part-time basis. By 2011 I quit my job and perform home inspections on a full-time basis. Four years later, our business revenues have allowed my wife to quit her job and follow her dreams. She now owns her own home staging company and works full time doing what she loves.

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact me.

Sincerely Rick Clayton.

Licensed Home Inspector Inc

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