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No other inspection company offers you more!

Home Inspection

Your Home Inspector has the tools and the training to provide you with a full service home inspection. Our inspectors are certified and trained in the Ontario Building Code. Our inspectors also receive mentoring and training from our on staff Registered/ Master Inspector.

You Home Inspection also includes at No Additional cost, Infrared Thermal Imaging, Visual Mould Inspection, & Moisture Detection.

No other inspection company offers you more!

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Mould Detection Dog Services.

Have concerns regarding mould in your new home? Your inspector has access to our Mould Detection Dog. Our beagle "Oliver" and our handler will join you during the home inspection and search for mould in the home. Our Beagle and handler was trained by the Florida Canine Academy.

Additional Charges apply.


 Mould Dog

Mould Stain Removal (Attics)

On average, 30 to 50% of the attics we inspect have mould in them. For many clients the presence of mould in the attic can be a deal breaker. Your inspector can not only determine the reason the mould is present; we can now remove it. Minimum charge for this service is $400, then $1 to $2 per square foot. We also provide a life time transferable warranty. Please note; our home inspection is not to be used as a vehicle to obtain addditional revenue. Please obtain quotes from at least 3 other companies.


Video of our Process in Real Time.


Bottom Portion Completed.

Mould Air Quality Testing.

Whether it's a new home or an older home, the potential for mould in the home is always a possibility. Health risks can increase with the amount of mould spores in the air. The symptoms start out as flu like symptoms that can later lead to long term health effects. Having the home tested for mould is a service your inspector provides. This can be added to your home inspection at the time of the inspection. Cost includes full lab report (3 business days for results).

Additional Charges Apply.

Chemical Free Odour Removal.

Selling a house or buying a new home that has a bad odour? Cooking odours, pet odours, smoking, can all turn people off from buying a home. Using ozone shock treatment can remove the odour. Plus it has been known to kill bacteria, salmonella, e-coli, etc. This is a great service to have your new home smelling fresh and clean. Our equipment can treat 6,000 square feet.

Additional Charges Apply.

See how Ozone works in the Food Industry.

Infrared Thermal Imaging and Moisture Detection

The biggest complaint in the home inspection industry is "There is water in my basement and the home inspector didn't find it!" Most inspection companies charge extra for the use of an infrared camera and moisture detection tools.

This service is included with all of our Home Inspections.

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Home Your Home Inspection Includes Book an Inspection Franchise