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Our company success heavily relies on our inspectors having the proper training and the right tools to do the job. New members must have these training requirements in place before purchasing this franchise. We are NOT in the business of selling franchises over and over again due to the failure of an inspector, we are looking for a long term team to build a valuable brand that is trusted by clients throughout Ontario. We are the first and so far the only company that requires this level of training in Ontario.

Mandatory Training

Home Inspection Training - Carson Dunlop College or Equivalent Training
Ontario Building Code - Building Envelope - Health and Safety College, OAHI
Infrared Thermal Imaging Online, Private Learning Centre
Water Restoration Technician IICRC
Applied Microbial Remediation Technician IICRC
Ontario Licensing Requirements To Be Determined

No single course - on it's own – will instantly make you a home inspector.

Some people take a one or two week course and feel they can get into this business. This approach will most often provide your client with poor service and possibly legal action against you. A good inspector must have extensive technical knowledge, Building Code training, be an effective communicator and have practical experience under your belt prior to going into business. In reality, training generally takes a few years. Being able to establish a successful business is not the end of the learning process. It must never stop in order for an inspector to remain current and up to date on housing issues.

In summary

Home inspection is a very risky business. Your customer's expectations will be very high. In order to survive, you will need to be very good and very careful. Sharing ideas and experience with others in the business helps, but you must know what you are doing and consistently do it well, every inspection, every day. This is not a business to guess at…if you do it may cost you and your client dearly.

Optional Training

WETT - Wood Burning Appliances Wett Inc
Ozone Shock Treatment O3 Canada
Commercial Buildings Carson Dunlop
Air Quality Testing Online, Private Learning Centre
Mould Stain Removal (Attics) We Supply Training


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Franchise Training Cost Book an Inspection Contact